Chiropractor in Coeur d’Alene ID Talks About Headaches

Chiropractor In Coeur d'Alene ID Talks About Headaches

Chiropractor in Coeur d'Alene ID Talks About Headaches

Coeur d'Alene ID chiropractors specialize in treating headaches caused by stress or poor posture called cervicogenic headaches. Coeur d'Alene ID chiropractors use effective therapies such as nutritional advice, gentle spinal corrections, and postural therapy to rehabilitate patients.

Diagnosis in Coeur d'Alene ID

In order to be able to fully diagnose a headache, it is imperative for you to complete a headache diary to turn into your Coeur d'Alene ID chiropractor, which will include:

  • Day and time of headache
  • Headache location
  • What the headache feels like
  • What were you doing when the headache began
  • Duration of headache

Officially, there are over 100 types of headaches.. The most typical ones are:

Tension Headaches:

These cause patients mild discomfort but can increase significantly. They tend to occur suddenly and then subside over time.


Arteries and blood vessels that are swollen press against your brain, causing the pressure and sharp pain migraines are known for. To treat nausea and increased blood pressure that occur, chiropractic therapy is recommended.

Cluster Headaches

The most severe kind of headache that one can experience. While they are rare, those who suffer from them can hardly seem to escape them. These cluster headaches tend to occur multiple times throughout the day for over two weeks or even for months. Cluster headaches may go away for years at a time but they tend to reappear eventually.

Organic Headaches

Serious disorders and complications of the brain cause organic headaches. Without quick and proper care, more problems will occur. If you feel:

  • Sudden, sharp, severe pain
  • Poor balance or constant falling
  • Unsureness
  • Seizures or difficulty speaking

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