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Dr. Erik Lund provides chiropractic care with clinical excellence, in Coeur d'Alene.  Our team is here to help.

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Don't take our word for it, hear what our patients have to say.  Our goal is top notch chiropractic care.

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The mission at HomeTown Family Chiropractic is to serve the Kingdom of God through specific, modern, result driven, Gonstead Chiropractic care. We are a Full-Family office passionate about restoring health from the Inside-Out. We understand you are unique; therefore, your adjustment must be specific! HomeTown Family Chiropractic expects to continually raise the bar in all aspects of Chiropractic care by utilization of the Gonstead System. The Gonstead System of Chiropractic is commonly known as the “Gold-Standard” within the profession delivering intentional care. Being one of the oldest, tested, and heavily researched techniques, it remains a constant through Chiropractic history guiding people back to better health. Through the Gonstead System, it is the Chiropractors sole responsibility to seek the vertebral subluxation (Spinal fixations that place nerve root irritation which CAUSE a lack of coordination in the body). The sole purpose of a Chiropractic adjustment is for the restoration of the CAUSE of dysfunction, allowing our community to gain victory over their health.

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Mission Statement Cont.

We are on a mission to serve Northern Idaho and beyond with results that matter. By maintaining the Central Nerve System (CNS) we can set the course straight for a healthier future. Our Family Chiropractic office is ecstatic to go against the common normal, educating our community on health and wellness and the simple truth that we all deserve abundant life. With a well-maintained CNS, our community better expresses God-given abilities, talents, and purpose. It a Birthright to have the capacity to heal and shine bright. We are here for everyone - every Person, Parent, Son, Daughter, Baby, Grandparent, we exist to maintain and restore LIFE.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Gonstead Family Care
  • Full Spine Digital Xrays
  • CLA insight Scans
  • Results driven
  • A passionate office about serving YOU!

Components of the Gonstead System

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